Erica Conde Vázquez  

Profesora contratada interina de sustitución (INT-SU)

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Subjects taught

This section shows the teaching given in degrees, masters and other officers studies in last 6 years.

Subject and involved studies Distance hours Total hours
Digital Publishing
Degree in Audiovisual Communication
0 42
Information and Communication Technologies II
Engineering Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development
0 42
Multimedia on Mobile Devices
Degree in Audiovisual Communication
0 10
Oral and Written Communication
Degree in Law
Social and Legal Sciences
0 78
Production Design for Animation and Video Games
Degree in Digital Creation, Animation and Video Games
0 21
Television Formats and New Media
Degree in Audiovisual Communication
0 35

EOG works and final master thesis directed

No available EOG works or final master thesis directed by current teacher since 2013 year.

Research results

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