Fátima María Díaz Freire  

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Department Psychology
Knowledgment area Educational and Developmental Psychology
Research  Research group Grupo de Investigación en Psicoloxía Educativa
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Subjects taught

This section shows the teaching given in degrees, masters and other officers studies in last 6 years.

Subject and involved studies Distance hours Total hours
Assessment of Developmental Disorders 0 26
Final Year Dissertation 0 4
Subject and involved studies Distance hours Total hours
Developmental Psychology (6 to 12 year olds)
Degree in Primary Education
0 30
Subject and involved studies Distance hours Total hours
Early Intervention
Degree in Early Childhood Education
0 8.5
Psychology of Language Development
Degree in Speech Therapy
0 21.5

EOG works and final master thesis directed

Directed or codirected by current teacher since 2013 year.

Conceptions of inclusion among pre-school and primary school teachers: socio- demographic differences
Theory of implicit intelligence of teachers and their conception of education inclusion enviroment.
Types of tasks proposed in the classroom and theory of implicit intelligence of teachers.

Research results

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Funding entity Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria
Main researches Antonio Valle Arias
Type Proyecto Programas Autonomicos
Dates From 01/01/2022 to 20/11/2024

Self-Regulation and Students Well-Being: A Systematic Review 2010¿2020

Authors Rodríguez, S., Gónzalez-Suárez, R., Vieites, T., Piñeiro, I., Díaz-Freire, F.
Journal Sustainability Vol. 14 Num. 4 (pages 1 to 26)

Homework conceptual aspects and variables involved

Authors Rodríguez-Llorente, C.. Vieites, T.. Gónzalez-Suárez, R.. Díaz-Freire, F.. Regueiro, B.
Book Handbook of homework: theoretical principles and practical applications.
Publishing: Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York.
ISBN: 978-1-68507-380-0
Pages From 1 to 37


Academic or management positions held by teacher.

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