Alejandro Puente Castro  

Profesor contratado interino de sustitución (INT-SU)

Department Computer Science and Information Technologies
Knowledgment area Computational Science and Artificial Intelligence
Research  Research group Redes de Neuronas Artificiales y Sistemas Adaptativos - Imagen Médica y Diagnóstico Radiológico
Research lines Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, Reinforcement Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, e-Health
Keywords Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Data Mining, Signal Processing, Deep Learning, Evolutionary Computation, Bioinformátics
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Orcid id0000-0002-0134-6877 ResearcherIDC-7573-2016 Scopus57216390282
BSc. in Computer Science, gained his MSc. in Bioinformatics for Health Sciences and has worked in fields, such as early detection of Alzheimer’s disease using Deep Learning techniques or self-quantification. Currently, his research is focused on applying Artificial Intelligence techniques to the coordination of heterogeneous groups of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Bioinformatics.


Subjects taught

This section shows the teaching given in degrees, masters and other officers studies in last 6 years.

Subject and involved studies Distance hours Total hours
Computer Science Preliminaries 0 8
Immersive, Interactive and Entertainment Systems 0 9.5
Information Technology for the Treatment and Management of Information 0 10
Intelligent Systems
Master's in Computer Engineering
0 28
New Trends and Applications in Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering 0 10.5
Programming I 0 22
Project Management
Master's in Computer Engineering
0 90
Workshop on Informational and Digital Skills: Graphic Representation and Digital Visualization of Information 0 20
Subject and involved studies Distance hours Total hours
Computer Science Preliminaries
Degree in Computer Engineering
0 59
Intelligent Systems
Degree in Computer Engineering
Master's in Computer Engineering
0 1

EOG works and final master thesis directed

No available EOG works or final master thesis directed by current teacher since 2013 year.

Research results

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Automatic assessment of Alzheimer's disease diagnosis based on deep learning techniques - IF: 3.434 (Q1)

Authors Alejandro Puente-Castro, Enrique Fernandez-Blanco, Alejandro Pazos Sierra, C. R. Munteanu
Journal COMPUTERS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE Vol. 120 Num. 103764 (pages 1 to 7)

System for Automatic Assessment of Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis Based on Deep Learning Techniques

Authors Alejandro Puente-Castro, C. R. Munteanu, Enrique Fernández Blanco
Journal Proceedings Vol. 21 Num. 28

Internationalization of the ClepiTO web platform
The 2nd XoveTIC Conference (XoveTIC 2019)

Authors Eloy Naveira Carro, María del Carmen Miranda-Duro, Patricia Concheiro, Alejandro Puente-Castro, Paula Cristina Costa Portugal Cardoso, Tiago Filipe Mota Coelho
Organization Universidade da Coruña
Place Coruña, A (España)


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